Dedicated To All Girls..

Yes I am a GIRL ♥
I push Doors that clearly says PULL ;) 
I laugh harder when i try to explain why i m laughing :D
I walk into room and forget why i was there:)
I lie sometimes to hide the pain :(
I cry a lot more that u think i can do. :'(
I am not so strong as my smile seems to be :)
I get attached to people who care even little bit about me. :)
I say it's a long story when its really not :x
And i always care more than i can.. :)
~Being SINGLE is a good feeling , no drama and no  heartaches . But sometimes its gets lonely and you miss that felling of being TAKEN <3

Best Words 4 us as a woman :)

First Of all .
#this is 4 ur im4mation </3

♥ Wanita itu bukan BANK , jika hendak apa maen oder saja. bila dah dapat terima
kasih pun tak ucap.
♥ Wanita itu bukan KASUT, yang awak suka hendak tukar tiap tiap hari.
♥ Wanita itu bukan TUNGGUL , awak datang bila awak memerlukan then awak
tinggalkan dia
♥ Wanita itu bukan MICROFON , yang awak suka arah arah dia.
♥ Wanita itu bukan HARIMAU , yang garang memanjang, adakalanya dia manja
seperti kucing memerlukan belaian
♥ Wanita itu bukan CWINGUM, bila manis awak kunyah, bila hilang manis dia kau
tuiihh tuuihh dia macam tu je.
♥ Wanita itu bukan BADUT , untuk hiburkan awak sambil awak ketawakan dia.
sedangkan apa yang dia lakukan semata untuk awak.. :)